headlight restoration

Think safety, notice appearance!

This service isn't like the "headlight restoration" you see on boxes at the store. we will make your old headlight lenses look and preform like new again. if you check oem lens replacement costs you will likely be shocked average vehicles we service replacement part cost is 300-1500$ per lens! our average cost is 90$! we start at 75$ for a pair of headlights or 60$ for the one old yellow light insurance wouldn't replace after a fender bender. but high end cost for professional restoration is 150-200$ per set for very large very badly damaged lenses. we cannot fix cracks in the lenses, but we can make your old lenses back clear and buy you time to get new lenses purchased. then once you get new lenses we can give them a quick polish and ceramic coating to protect them from the start and prolong the lifetime with proper maitnence! 

All headlight restoration services come guaranteed to stay clear for at least 6 months no questions asked. with our monthly or quarterly maitnence detailing services that can be stretched out up to 24 months of guaranteed clarity from your headlights! see warranty page for details and stipulations for the coverage.