What bennifit does professional detailing offer over a drive through car wash ?

A drive through car wash is better than no wash if anyone says different they are trying to make a sale. But a drive through wash is also a amazing way to scratch, swirl and damage your paint, those all lead to more money in a detailers pocket to fix the damage through paint correction . going with a professional detail service be it with us or another company will save you in the long run we will take every precaution known to protect your vehicles finish from the snow foam pre wash , to using grit guards in our wash and rinse buckets aka two bucket method to using a quality drying aid while hand drying with premium microfiber drying towels and most "decent" drive throughs are 16-24$ so just 26 more for a car you can stay home and let us come to you and wash your vehicle properly and conveniently!

What is the two bucket method ?

The 2 bucket method is simply using 2 wash buckets one with a quality ph. neutral automotive shampoo, the other starts with just plain water , we run grit guards for extra protection but if you want to diy the are not "necessary" its purely a extra 2 seconds for us to add a layer of protection from damage. You simply dip your quality microfiber wash mit into the shampoo/water solution, then wash as usual * it is best to wash in straight motions the way the wind passes over your vehicle if possible* to make any correction needed a lot more effective once you have covered a panel or part of a panel, dip into your water only bucket to rinse the wash mit, work the mitt around in the water to release as much contaminets as possible before going back into your soap bucket and repeat .

With the snow foam pre wash and grit guards we honestly do not need the two bucket method many detailers have moved away from it on a standard detail package but for us it may take a extra 2 minutes to fill drain and move the second bucket over the first so if that saves your paint one scratch thats worth the time in our eyes!

example of the 2 buckets post wash

notice one is still clean solution that

is what you want !

My vehicle is pretty bad are you going to make videos / pictures of it ?

we will always be professional and willing to tackle any situation that arises without making the customer feel judged or uncomfortable. We do not typically make any videos like you see on YouTube I believe your vehicle is a extension of your home and the condition should not be made public . anytime we do take photos to share for our social media/ advertising if the before is even slightly questionable on the customer feeling embarrassed etc.. we will ask permission/ show the customer the photos before we post anything. Usually we will for example vacuum the carpets and the before after will just be to show the carpet cleaning service or upholstery cleaning not the ability of our vacuum.

Is the quote given on the phone guaranteed?

Aslong as the information given is accurate yes. if I quote you for a basic detail and it ends up needing major stain removal via carpet extraction etc.. or if I quote a Tahoe and show up to find a Yukon xl the price will increase but you will have a total price before we begin and if something does come up like extra extraction / excessive pet hair, you will make the call if you want the extra service, before it is performed. if you elect not to we will preform the detail as agreed upon to standard results.

So you come to my location, what do i need to prepare?

yes we will come to you standard pricing covers locations within 40 miles of saint jo Tx and it is .25c per mile both ways past 40 (example your 48 miles from me that is 16 miles over 40 so it would add 4$ to your total)

as far as location all we need is a standard water hose connection, and a 110v electrical plug within 100ft of the vehicle wash location. if doing any paint correction a covered area is needed aka your garage or carport. if neither are available I have canopy's to keep the sun off the paint or you can drop it off at my shop to complete the work. The only time we have to have coverage with sides aka inside a garage or shop is to apply semi permanent coatings.