exterior services 

Full service exterior detailing directly to your home or office ! 

If you need a simple hand wash and seal, A complete exterior detail to clean decontaminate and shine your ride, a quick enhancment polish, a single step paint correction all the way to complete 3+ step paint corrections to bring your vehicles exterior as perfect as possible! 

and dont forget we can protect it for the long haul from 6 months with system x renew spray coating , all the way to System X MAX G+ with its lifetime waranty and 30% more gloss than any other coating on the market ! 

Exterior wash & seal pricing-

coupe/crossover- 80$+

suv and bigger auto - 100$+

semi -250$+

rv/bus -  14$/ ft 

Our wash and seal process starts with the wheels and tires, foam the wheels , apply road grime and tire cleaner brush the tire , face of wheel, inside lugnut holes, inner barrel of wheel. then foam the entire vehicle rinse , foam again with a high quality car shampoo, preform full thorough contact wash, rinse, apply quality si02 spray and rinse sealant, rinse again , hand dry with quality microfiber towel, blow out any leftover water from cracks and crevices to prevent any spots from water drying after vehicle is dried. clean outside of windows to a streak free shine !